news release: Hudson Bike Shares announces 10 new stations!

February 29, 2016

We are pleased to announce that we have successfully expanded Hudson Bike Share with 10 new stations at the following locations:

–              Washington St & 14th St
–              Grand St & 9th St
–              Garden St & 8th St 
–              Jefferson St & 6th St 
–              Park Ave & 5th St 
–              Washington St & 4th St 
–              Grand St & 2nd St
–              Adams St & Newark St
–              Harrison St & Observer Hwy
–              Marshall St at 2nd St
–              Increased capacity at Washington St & 11th St and River St & 6th St (Stevens South)

Currently, this increases our stations to 28 making for an even more convenient and healthy way to travel around Hoboken so get ready to move your legs and ride a bike!

Always ensure bikes are locked in stations or right next to them (if full).  A $10 fee will be charged for bikes returned outside of official stations.

Pedal Safely!


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