April 12, 2018

P3 Partner Announcement with Mercury, LLC

NEW YORK, April 12, 2018  — P3 Global Management (P3GM – www.p3gm.com) a global smart city development company announced today that it will collaborate with Mercury, LLC.  P3GM is a subsidiary of European Parking & Smart Mobility leader EYSA.

P3GM focuses on bringing advanced bike-share systems to small and mid-sized cities through a unique approach that brings turn-key mobility infrastructure to cities at no cost to the taxpayer. Their first program SkyBike, based in West Palm Beach, Florida, launched in June 2015 and comprises of 150 bikes across 17 stations, boasting over 17,714 registered users. This was quickly followed by the increasingly successful Hudson Bike Share program (Hoboken, NJ), whose 300-bike system surpassed 350,000 rides in its second year, with 21,940 users.

Hudson Bike Share has since expanded to Guttenberg, West New York, Weehawken, North Bergen, and Bayonne in Hudson County, as well as Point Pleasant Beach in Ocean County and Woodbridge Township in Middlesex County.  Mercury will advise P3GM on continued expansion of mobility projects in New Jersey and beyond.

P3GM has also launched New Haven Bike Share in Connecticut, consisting of 300 bikes and 30 stations, and New Rochelle Bike Share in New York, 100 bikes and 11 stations in the start of 2018.

“P3GM strives to maintain a clear vision to be a trusted long-term partner, guiding cities through their smart city transformation and unlocking social, environmental and economic (SEE) value. It’s great to share that vision with Mercury and have the opportunity to join forces with their team,” said P3GM CEO Carlos Pujol.

Mercury has added Juan Melli to the firm’s New Jersey team as a Vice President. Melli most recently served as Communications Manager for the City of Hoboken and has a great deal of experience working with Hudson Bike Share.


About Mercury

Mercury is a high-stakes, bipartisan public strategy firm. The firm provides a comprehensive suite of services that includes federal government relations, international affairs, digital influence, public opinion research, media strategy and a bipartisan grassroots mobilization network in all 50 states. The firm has an established global presence, with U.S. offices in Washington, DC, New York, California, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida and Tennessee, as well as international offices in London and Mexico City. Mercury is a part of the Omnicom Public Relations Group.


About P3GM

P3GM is a global smart city development company that provides a gateway for next-generation technology companies to implement their solutions in cooperation with cities. Through public-private partnerships, P3GM integrates best-in-class technologies and solutions across the mobility, energy, telecommunications, and out-of-home media industries. For more information visit: www.p3gm.com


About EYSA

EYSA is a Spanish company with international ambition and great experience delivering integrated mobility solutions for cities and citizens to improve their quality of life. EYSA acts in accordance with our vision of what a 21st-century city should be, based on our deep knowledge and innovative approach and true to sustainability values. Rooted in technology and innovative management models, we help connect cities and citizens within the process of transforming Smart Cities. EYSA (www.eysaservicios.com) is backed by leading independent mid-market private equity managers Portobello Capital.

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